About Us

Infocom America conducts business development and market research activities in North America for Infocom, a Japanese technology company. Infocom was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company can be described as a healthcare and enterprise IT solutions provider and a consumer internet company. Descriptions of their three main business segments (IT solutions provider-healthcare, IT solutions provider-enterprise, and consumer internet) can be found below:


IT Solutions Provider- Healthcare: Providing services for over 60 pharmaceutical companies and nearly 2,000 hospitals, Infocom’s healthcare division is currently the leading healthcare solutions provider in Japan.  Their products include EMR management software, radiology imaging software, and CRM tools for medical sales representatives.


IT Solutions Provider- Enterprise: The enterprise division provides IT products such as enterprise resource planning software, security solutions, cloud hosting, and call center technologies to businesses.


Consumer Internet:  Infocom’s consumer internet products encompass four main areas: blogging, e- commerce, gaming, and comics.  At the moment, Infocom is the leading e-comic service Japan with over 30,000 titles.CI


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